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 Dupres Antique Market
Eric Armstrong, the General Manager of Dupres Antique Market in Marietta, Georgia says...

"We can't imagine operating our store without GoAntiquing! Point of Sale. It has streamlined our operation saving us a lot of time doing for us what we used to do by hand, including printing dealer checks at the end of the month.

Most important to us has been the responsive service we have received whenever we have questions or need assistance. Our phone calls are always answered and our issues have always been addressed. This level of service after the sale is a big reason why we recommend this product.

The Gateway option is one of the best features in that our dealers can manage their inventory from any location away from the store. The "what have I sold" phone calls have stopped and the dealers love it. With close to 70 dealers from all over the state this saves us all time and money.

When in the Atlanta Georgia area please come see us. We are located just 12 miles northwest of Atlanta in historic downtown Marietta."

17 Whitlock Ave., Marietta, GA
 SHOWCASE Antiques of CNY
"We unofficially opened for business with 2 Dealers, in June 2015. One year later we have grown to 100 spaces rented, with capacity for 125. This is our first venture as a multi-dealer shop, but we are not new to running a business, or antiques. We knew going in we would need to be computerized with 2 POS registers and an office station for reporting, etc. GoAntiquing! was the first software we stumbled upon on the internet. We thought it was great to be able to download a free trial of the program, so we did. We were immediately impressed with the simplicity and the ease of building a dummy store, and using all functions. The diverse reporting ability of the software made it a great program to score others by. As we continue to grow we are very happy with our choice, setting up Dealers and Resellers as part of day to day business is such an easy process for us and cashiers. The reports are invaluable in relaying information back to our Dealers in real time. As with anything new there is a learning curve, we have had to contact Customer Service a couple times, always with quick response, easy fixes and no down time. And, if my husband is comfortable using it, anybody can!!

Debbie and Dave Guile
SHOWCASE Antiques of CNY
Little Falls, NY
 The Village Antique and Home Décor Malls and Bargain Hunters Antique and Flea Market Malls
We want to recommend the GoAntiquing! Point of Sale software to anyone looking for the easiest and most user friendly software on the market. We opened our first store several years ago using another program that we found to be difficult to use and extremely limiting. We researched multiple programs before purchasing GoAntiquing!, and could not find one to come close to the ease of use and features that GoAntiquing! provides. We now use GoAntiquing! in all five of our locations. Our vendors love the Gateway feature that allows them to receive an email of their daily sales. Our staff members love the ease of entering sales, printing gift certificates, and printing reports. The monthly close-out process is so simple, and we love that it prints our dealer checks for us. We could go on and on about how wonderful this program is, but we will simply say, GoAntiquing! is the best!

Paul Dailey, owner
Our locations, all in Tennessee!
Bargain Hunters Antique and Flea Market Mall - 2808 West Market St. - Johnson City
Bargain Hunters Antique and Flea Market Mall - 4006 Chapman Hwy. - Knoxville
Bargain Hunters Flea Market Mall - 2584 W. State St. - Bristol
The Village Antique and Home Décor Mall - 1375 Volunteer Parkway - Bristol
The Village Antique and Home Décor Mall - 102 Hudson Dr. - Elizabethon
The Village Antique and Home Décor Mall - 112 Sunset Dr., Suite 1A - Johnson City
 Chic Repeats
Steve and Lori Neira, owners of Chic Repeats say:

"GoAntiquing! Point of Sale Software – is working EXCELLENT for our Consignment Store!

We're so glad we selected GoAntiquing! Point of Sale software for our Chic Repeats consignment store that opened in January this year. The software is doing everything we need to effectively manage our consignment store business.

After doing our research, your product appeared to have the most and best features and benefits. Since purchase and installation, we’d have to say the product and your company’s service has far exceeded our expectations! The software has been really helpful to us through the start-up phase and will be even more beneficial as we start to utilize all it’s full capabilities. It’s so easy to keep track of all the transactions and financial results…after we receive the consigners and items into the program."

Chic Repeats is located at 17914 Cottonwood Dr., Parker, Colorado.

17914 Cottonwood Dr., Parker, CO 80134
 Alyssa's Antique Depot
This has been a long time coming!

We have been customers of GoAntiquing for over 10 years. Since then, we have grown from a 3500 square-foot store to 3 stores with over 50,000 square-feet.

If you are looking for an easy to use vendor mall & consignment software, this is the one for you. GoAntiquing! is packed full of fantastic features to make your POS and bookkeeping run efficiently and seamlessly.

As needs have arisen, we have been able to communicate ideas that have been implemented numerous times. When the volume of our business outgrew the capability of our network, Joe worked closely with us to implement a "virtual server" (see Nerd Notes) system that has exceeded our expectations and pretty much eliminated any issues.

If you are looking for a point of sale system that will meet and exceed your needs at a fraction of the cost of icloud-based software, GoAntiquing! should be your choice.

With over 10 years of experience with this software, I can tell you that with business growing and changing, it is important to have software that will keep you organized and on track. GoAntiquing! has definitely been a blessing throughout our 16 years of exponential growth!

Alyssa Schepper

Owner and proprietor of:
Alyssa's Antique Depot
Alyssa's, Etc.
The Refinery

4586/4562 Chumuckla Hwy., Pace, FL
 Remember When Antiques Malls
Remember When and Remember When Too are a beach front pair of antique malls in Cayucos, Califorina, Patti wrote this testimonial:

We purchased GoAntiquing! Point of Sale software in November 2012. Prior to the purchase of this amazing software, we used a database. We had no idea what we were missing. This software is designed to be user friendly and efficient. It has totally streamlined the overall operation of our antique malls. The dealers love the reports, notification emails and the simplicity of accessing their accounts on-line. Support is always just a phone call away for any issue we might have and responds immediately to any submissions. We thank GoAntiquing! Point of Sale for simplifying our jobs and lives!

Patty & Anita
Remember When Antiques Malls in Cayucos, California

Remember When, 152 N. Ocean Ave., Cayucos, CA
Remember When Too, 36 N. Ocean Ave., Cayucos, CA
 Newnan Antique Mall
"GoAntiquing! Point of Sale is easy. Newnan Antique Mall has been using GoAntiquing! for almost 2 years now. GoAntiquing! has enabled us to easily keep track of sales for our vendors as well as making it easier to keep accurate records for the store. To top it off the courteous support staff have always been quick to assist with any problems or questions. Thank you from all of us at Newnan Antique Mall." - Teresa, Beth, and Tom Little.

Newnan Antique Mall is located at 95 Temple Avenue, Newnan, Georgia. Contact the shop at (770) 683-7467.

NOTE: This shop closed due to economic conditions, but the owners retain rights to their license for GoAntiquing! Point of Sale and can reopen some day.
 Treasures Antique Mall
Mary, the shop owner has this to say, "I love having GoAntiquing! Point of Sale it helps me track vendors on a daily basis, and the Internet Gateway helps the vendors track their sales when they are at home. End of month settlement processing is a dream, and the support is very helpful and courteous."

475 Morro Bay Boulevard, Morro Bay, CA 93442
 Water Street Vintage
"We have got to tell you the software is working really well for us. We had plenty to learn opening a new business but GoAntiquing! has been a breeze. On opening day we had several family and friends helping who had never seen the software and were so busy (good problem to have) that they had to jump on the register with zero training. We ended the day balanced to within a dollar with hundreds of transactions of all types, so clearly easy to learn and use. Thanks again!"

Jeff Rickert

Water Street Vintage, 207 West North Water Street, New London, WI
 Family Flea Market & Flooring
"Family Flea Market & Flooring is one of the largest in-door flea markets in east Mississippi and west Alabama opened year round with over 190 permanent vendors. We opened our doors in July 2012 in our 52,000 sq ft warehouse after spending about a month researching software from multiple vendors. GoAntiquing!, by far, was the most user friendly and adaptable software of the four we tested. We are an unusual lot in that we have items from a DIME up to several thousand dollars including a full service flooring department. We needed a software system that could handle vendors, rents, layaways, and especially our flooring special orders and installations with registers at multiple entrances. Joe and his team at GoAntiquing! gave lots of tips and suggestions on how to make the software handle everything for us including a back office application for book keeping. We pay our vendors out weekly instead of the traditional monthly so we LOVE the ability to print well over 600 checks a month with a couple of mouse clicks each week. And, our CPA loves the program because each vendor payout can create a spreadsheet file (to be uploaded into Quick Books by the CPA) for the accounting side saving us days of manually creating vendor files in QB. We recently went through an audit where they wanted to see paper records from randomly selected days and even the auditor said our sales and day end records were some of the best he had ever seen in this type of business. Our audit lasted a single day!"


"When you ask questions like "Why does this do this? Can you make it also do this?", instead of the run-around, you get a thoughtful and detailed reply, with an answer or a work-around. I would also like to highly recommend their Data Backup service. We have RARELY had a problem but a quick support request at closing and leaving the server online, they were able to correct our issue before the next morning without us hanging around the store since they had access to all of the back-ups. I look forward to many years of business together - Thanks to GoAntiquing! and Joe's team!"

Matt Ellsworth
 Butcher Block Antique Shop & More
" We started our Antique Mall a little over a year ago. Before that we had a furniture store. The first year we tried several different book keeping ways and nothing was giving us what we wanted for records, we looked at several different ways of doing tags and keeping track of who sold what and it was making us crazy. Then we found GoAntiquing! Point of Sale on the internet and the more we looked into this program it had everything we wanted. I downloaded the free Trial and we used it for a couple weeks and was really impressed on how easy it was to learn and how it seemed to adapt to us the more we used it. I had a few questions so I called the tech support phone number and was very happy to be talking to a "REAL" person who listened and then answered all my questions that is when we decided to purchase the program. We have had lots of compliments on our record keeping now by our dealers as well as the customers appreciate the receipt that we produce now. This program keeps track of everything related to the store. It is great! I would not want to run an Antique Mall without this program. Thanks for a great product and helping us learn a Better Way!"

Find us on the web at http://butcherblockantiques.com, or come and visit in person at 216 W 1st Street, Dixon, IL. 61021. Email butcherblock@grics.net.
 Dirty Janes Bowral

"The software has existed for over 15 years, and has evolved to the point where you can tailor it to fit your particular market. It provides almost everything you could think of that you might need for a market. Our staff all love it, and it is so much easier to administer from a management perspective. Our stallholders love the Internet Gateway functionality that is provided – so useful for Dealers to be able to see what stock needs replacing before they leave home. GoAntiquing! saves us 4-5 hours a week over our old solution, and provides so much more information. We are able to manage our business more effectively because of the additional information that we've got access to."

"And the support is fantastic. This was an area of concern for us – and the GoAntiquing! crew have been outstanding. They respond quickly, then provide really good help and support. They understand the business of running a market and understand how a good POS system can make a huge difference. They make changes based on what their customers want – which I find quite unusual for a software company."

"In short, if you run a market and you need a Point Of Sale solution, GoAntiquing! is the best that we've found, for functionality, support, and cost. Couldn't be happier."

Bob Crowley
Dirty Janes Bowral
Bowral, NSW

13-15 Banyette St, Bowral NSW 2576, Australia
 Lookout Mercantile
Lookout Mercantile is a small Northwest Arkansas country store located in the middle of Hobbs State Park, midway between Rogers, AR and the tourist town of Eureka Springs, AR.  Lookout Mercantile sells rustic furniture crafted on site and by local area craftsmen, hand painted home decor, Antiques and Collectibles, as well as Groceries, Hardware, Camping, and Fishing supplies.  Lookout Mercantile also sells bar-coded retail items, as well as via booth rentals and consignment sales.

Ken Zey, owner and shopkeeper, has this to say; "We looked very hard for a software package that could handle both the flea market and consignment business along with retail sales and finally found it in GoAntiquing! Point of Sale. Of all the software demos we worked with, GoAntiquing! Point of Sale is the only package that could effectively combine flea market type sales with true bar-coded retail sales, and was one of only two packages we found that could handle the Arkansas retail tax structure with separate tax levels on food vs. other general merchandise."

And... "We are very happy with GoAntiquing! Point of Sale and the support has been excellent!"
 Big Peach Antiques Mall
"GoAntiquing! Point of Sale software is a tool every antique mall should have! We bought it for the added security and database capabilities. The benefits far surpass what we expected. At 33,000 square feet, the Big Peach is Central Georgia's largest antique mall. We now have the ability easily manage rents, fees and sales for more than 200 dealers. The complete closeout process for the month takes less than one hour to complete, including printing the checks. The reporting capabilities exceed our needs. And the gateway, which allows dealers to check their sales online each night, eliminates countless phone calls during the day. Using the offsite data backup offered by GoAntiquing! gives us additional peace of mind. The security, ease of use and time-saving features make GoAntiquing! a must for anyone operating an antique mall or similar business." - Heather and John Klemm

119 Peachtree Blvd., Byron, GA
 A Piece of the Past
I have used GoAntiquing! Point of Sale since the day I opened in May 2014. The best business decision ever! The support team has always been great getting back to me immediately and is always so helpful. I love the gateway that updates my vendors, we call it the Love Notes. Makes my life so much easier.

Cyndee Stapp

A Piece of the Past ~ Antique & Vintage Mall
1430 Mission Dr.
Solvang, California
 Abby's Treasure Trunk
"I knew that if I was going to realize this dream I needed to make sure that my dealers would get the most accurate monthly settlement reports. I used GoAntiquing! Point of Sale at another local shop and know that is the best solution for managing dealers, booths, rents, layaways, consignments you name it, this program does it." - Mary Carrillo

Abby's Treasure Trunk, 209 W. Main St., Visalia, CA 93292.

NOTE: Abby's closed down due to landlord issues and has not reopened.
 Lamplighter Mercantile & Trading Company
Lamplighter Mercantile & Trading Company, Visalia's newest antique mall, has just opened and is using GoAntiquing! Point of Sale.  Larry and Kathleen Harrington, long-time antique dealers are excited to open their shop right in the middle of Visalia's antique district.  Welcome aboard folks!
 Daisys Designer Alley
I sold my communications company in 2011 and wanted to support our local businesses in Greensboro NC. I rented a 12,000 square foot brick and mortar building in a desirable area of town. We then revamped the space to rent showrooms to local designers, artists and merchants. We knew if we were to launch this, and be successful, we needed to offer EXCEPTIONAL customer service -- not only to our customers but also to the merchants renting from us. (Small businesses today have many challenges and obstacles to overcome!)

We knew we needed a robust POS System, a reliable POS System, and a user friendly POS system to manage our business, as well as the businesses of our renters. We researched many systems and chose GoAntiquing! --best decision ever! That was 7 years ago and we have had the best service and support from the developer of this wonderful POS software system!

I would encourage anyone who is looking for the best in the business to purchase GoAntiquing!

Judy VanWuychkhuyse
Daisy's Designer Alley
3127 Battleground Avenue
Greensboro, NC 27408
(336) 286-8221
"We have been open since May 1st, 2009. Over the past three years of being in the flea market business we looked at a lot of different point-of-sale systems and were completely impressed with the GoAntiquing! Point of Sale experience. We have 255 booths and 15 employees and had a short period of time to learn the system. It is so user friendly that it takes little effort for the new cashiers to catch on. Any questions we have are quickly answered and taken care of by GoAntiquing! support staff. It’s been a very positive experience and we would recommend this system to anyone. In fact call us! Thank you!"

The Murray’s, Bernie, Terri, Brent, and Britney
14300 East 40 Hwy
Independence, Missouri 64055
 Biddlestone Consignment
"I have been in the consignment business since 1981 and now have almost 5000 consignors. I purchased my first point-of-sale software, Consignment Boutique, in 1994. The company that produced that product has now been out of business for several years. Since I needed to do some updating I searched for 2 years for a program that I did not have to do inventory entry and gave me the option to pay out to consignors singly at any time. I also wanted to do networking by adding a second computer. GoAntiquing! Point of Sale has given me all these options and was able to convert data from my old program which saved me many hours of converting over accounts to a new software. The support staff at GoAntiquing! Point of Sale has made this process a breeze with their patience and knowledge. I am forever grateful." -  Debbie Biddlestone

Chrissy Rogers says "I bought the business from Debbie in 2011 and made the decision to continue and use GoAntiquing! Point of Sale. I was new to the program as well as the owner aspect of the consignment business. With help from Support I have learned my way around the program. GoAntiquing! is very easy to use and any problems that I had were taken to the Support team and they helped me solve them all very quickly so I was right back to business. I have found over my four years with GoAntiquing! it seems to find short cuts and easier ways to do things with my business and they are always a pleasure to deal with. So with all that being said I would highly recommend this software even for us who are not sure what we are doing the Support team will get you going and walk you through each step! So what are you waiting for buy it now make your business easier with GoAntiquing!" -
 Main St. Mercantile
Main St. Mercantile, an antique shop in downtown Visalia, has made the decision to replace their existing point-of-sale software, Antique Mall Manager, with GoAntiquing! Point of Sale. Located in the heart of the Visalia antique district, Main St. Mercantile is one of the longest operating antique shops in the area.  The Mercantile is the third customer to use GoAntiquing! Point of Sale, and the first to make the right choice and switch from a competitors product.

John Schomp, co-owner of the store has this to say, "This software does just what we need!  Brave New Software responded quickly to our requests for some critical features such as support for our existing receipt printer, a new Fees module, and a planned expansion of the Reseller module.  By contrast, the competitive product lacked many features, had not been updated in years, and was difficult to train cashiers to use."

NOTE: The shop changed hands and is now owned by Larry and Kathleen Harrington, who also own Lamplighter Mercantile & Trading Company, another shop that uses GoAntiquing! Point of Sale.

514 E. Main St., Visalia, CA 93292
 King Richard's Antique Center
King Richard's Antique Center, Whittier CA (Los Angeles area) has been using GoAntiquing! Point of Sale on three of their PC's since May 2009. As Southern California's largest Antique Center (3 levels, 47,000 sq ft, 260 dealers, and up to 7 employees on the floor), Chuck and Martha Garcera were looking for a modern, turn-key system, to replace their old point-of-sale system.

"We are glad to have found GoAntiquing! Point of Sale and are very satisfied with the performance, capability of the program, and outstanding customer support(support staff have been known to email us at midnight with answers to our questions - now that's customer service!). Our store's prior point-of-sale software was approximately 15 years old and required the software programmer to make a "house call", at over $100/hour, to make simple changes such as sales tax. That helped justify why we needed to buy the GoAntiquing! Point of Sale system. GoAntiquing! Point of Sale lets us make simple changes/updates, such as the sales tax increases, within 5 minutes at no extra charge, we love it."

And ...

"The thing that first caught our attention about GoAntiquing! Point of Sale was the Internet Gateway feature. Nobody we know in the Antique industry has this capability. We currently have 32 dealers viewing their sales activity from the comfort of their home (including us) and we get so many compliments from dealers on this alone. Even though we have seen many improvements and additional features added to the program in a very quick manner (since May), the other things we like most about the system are the many reports, data update capability, file exporting capability, and electronic time keeping feature. Not having to manually decipher and calculate employees time cards saves us a lot of time. Bottom line... We highly recommend the GoAntiquing! Point of Sale system to all Antique Shop owners... Try it, you'll like it too!" - Chuck & Martha
 Rebecca's of Brewton
Rebecca Pintado of Rebecca's of Brewton states: "GoAntiquing! Point of Sale is at the heart of my antique business.  Without this program keeping me organized I would not be able to run efficiently.  One of my favorite aspects of this system is the ability to back up my database daily to the GoAntiquing! Data Backup website.  Having additional records of my transactions gives me great peace of mind.  The user interface is extremely easy to master, even my computer illiterate associates pick it up quickly.  Technical support is always an email or phone call away.  I also love that the system is updated regularly with improvements.  I did an enormous amount of research before picking this system and have never had a moment's regret. Thanks for this highly satisfactory service!"

Rebecca's of Brewton is located at 101 Saint Joseph Ave in Brewton, Alabama. Contact the shop at (251) 867-4618.

NOTE: Rebecca's had to close after a flood damaged her shop too heavily to reopen.
 Brass Armadillo Antique Malls
With six antique malls over five states, we knew picking a new Point of Sale software mean finding a system detailed enough to handle the several hundred dealers in each of our malls.

Our list of desired features eliminated many software vendors. GoAntiquing! was the only vendor that had what we needed.

It was important for us to have a “Sale Parking” feature so pre-entered transactions could be retrieved from any of the registers. We also needed to provide a customer-facing display. And, we looked specifically for ease-of-use options. We wanted to create a better and faster customer experience. We found all these points (and many more) with GoAntiquing!

The switch has saved us time and money while making a better customer experience and when questions or concerns arise; support has always been prompt and efficient.

We look forward to being a GoAntiquing! customer for a long time.

Dave Briddle, VP
Brass Armadillo Antique Malls
Des Moines, IA | Omaha, NE | Kansas City, MO | Denver, CO | Phoenix, AZ | Goodyear, AZ

Dan and Dave Briddle at Brass Armadillo, Goodyear, AZ
 Paris Flea Market
In June of 2002, Paris Flea Market opened it's doors and began selling it's dealers' diverse range of antiques and collectibles.  Brave New Software has partnered with Paris Flea Market to provide an advanced point-of-sale system to handle the complex needs of selling in a market where it is rare for two items to be identical.

To handle these needs Brave New Software developed GoAntiquing! Point of Sale.  This point-of-sale program runs on a standard Windows PC with a receipt printer, optional electronic cash drawer, magnetic card reader, and barcode scanner.  The place where this program excels is in it's ability to track layaway sales, consignments, commissions, discounts, rents, customers, you name it!  Reports are available for giving feedback to the Dealer as well as for the shopkeeper.

"Paris Flea Market is to be commended on it's decision to boldly utilize the technology of today to sell the items from yesterday.  GoAntiquing! Point of Sale enables shopkeepers to manage standard sales, layaway sales, consignments, and discounts in a straightforward and easy to use application that was designed from the outset to reduce the total cost of ownership and management of a dynamic retail environment."

UPDATE - September 19, 2003: Building on the success of their first venture, the owner of the Paris Flea Market has opened a second antiques and collectibles business in downtown Visalia, CA.  Located within the Paris Flea Market, the new store, Affordable Treasures has implemented GoAntiquing! Point of Sale with anticipation of repeating the success of the Paris Flea Market.

NOTE: This was the first shop to use GoAntiquing! Point of Sale, when it was owned and operated by Bob and Florence Ewert.

601 E. Main St., Visalia, CA 93292

 The Old Potting Bench
In Vada's own words... “OMG, GoAntiquing! is awesome… My life in my store has changed forever. The support staff has been so supportive and able to address my every need. I should have done this a long time ago. What a great product!"

Vada Mason, customer #250! The Old Potting Bench, Arroyo Grande, CA
 The Vintage Vendor
The Vintage Vendor opened its doors May 22, 2015 in Galax, Virginia. Not unlike others who have ventured into the vintage and antique waters we needed to address many concerns before opening. One of these concerns was how to handle point of sale. Thankfully I met another business owner who was using, and loving, the GoAntiquing! Point Of Sale software. Wow, what an amazing find! This software is not simply intuitive it is down-right 'simple'. I did little more than watch the provided training videos a few times. In fact, as if putting off studying for an exam, I waited until the last minute to actually open the software to attempt to use it...almost laughable how quick I had vendors and information loaded. For anyone considering the GoAntiquing! software - do it! There is simply no better way to handle POS...you will be amazed and happy...I promise! Great product...Great customer support!

Michael Goodson

117 East Grayson St., Galax, VA
 Wisconsin Dells Antique Mall & Craft Mall
"We operate as two different shops, an Antique Mall and a Craft Mall. Both are growing, thriving, businesses with over 500 vendors in a very busy, high traffic tourist area. Our businesses needed a software system that would keep up with our growth and offer a simple, easy to use POS system while meeting the needs of our vendors and customers. GoAntiquing! does all that - and more! From checking out our customers, to keeping track of vendor sales, rents, information, running checks, as well as relaying important information to our vendors, this system has been a true blessing!"

"GoAntiquing! offers exceptional customer service and has worked closely with us to make this program work with our own unique needs. We are headed into our fourth year with GoAntiquing! and we are still finding ways the program can enhance our operations and customer service. The Wisconsin Dells Antique & Craft Malls highly recommend GoAntiquing! to any business that wants a user friendly way to organize, streamline, as well as benefit their antique and/or craft businesses."

Thank you GoAntiquing!
The Staff
 2Cs Vendor Mall
Mitzi Ponce, proprietor of 2Cs Vendor wrote this testimonial. I typically put testimonials only on the GoAntiquing! website, but felt this one might be a useful read for a wider audience. Also, consider visiting her on the internets; www.2CsVendorMall.com, FaceBook.com/2CsVendorMall, instagram.com/2CsVendorMall.

Mitzi says:

I should have written this testimonial for GoAntiquing! Point of Sale over a year ago, but I'm glad I waited, because two years' experience with Brave New Software's product and support has given me plenty of time to fully understand just how wonderful GoAntiquing! really is. After being a dealer and volunteer cashier in the store, I bought four-year-old 2Cs Vendor Mall in Saint Helens, Oregon, in June 2016 when I retired from my IT career. The mall I took over was a handwritten-ticket, cash-only operation with daily dealer settlements and minimal reporting and tracking. Preparing for the handover, the one change I knew I wanted to make immediately was transitioning to a computerized point-of-sale system.

After trialing seven systems and considering writing my own, I found GoAntiquing!, downloaded the trial version, and played around with it. I knew right away that this product would meet my very specific needs and wants. Not only was it ready to go out-of-the-box for our particular situation, but it also didn't tie me in to a cloud solution, which might grind operations to a halt in the event of an internet outage.

From day one, GoAntiquing! exceeded my expectations, and – more importantly – exceeded the expectations of my dealers. As I've rolled out changes (credit cards, more days, longer hours, weekly settlements, expansion into unused space, etc.), store sales and foot traffic have increased, but administrative and cashier workload have decreased.

My dealers love the Gateway interface and sales alerts. Because they have access to their sales data, a lot of questions are answered before they get to me (like, “My yellow Pyrex bowl is gone, did it sell?”). My dealers are glad to be able to run sales reports for tax purposes. I also have dealers who advertise their goods on various online selling platforms. They appreciate being able to de-list an item when they see it's sold in the store. For your savviest dealers, the Gateway is a godsend.

Being an unabashed geek, I've exported reports and applied my data analysis skills to them, allowing me to share with my dealers statistics about price point, item type, average sale, and the like, helping the dealers prepare for slow seasons and for our (kind of overwhelming) month-long festival in October. Doing word analysis on sales data allows me to say with authority what types of items sell in particular months or seasons.

All of that aside, here's what really seals the deal for me: support! Regardless how good a system is, things will go sideways from time to time. Usually (okay, always!), the root cause is something we did on our end. I've seldom had to call for support, but when I have, the response has been excellent. Be it a holiday weekend or a regular Friday at 6 pm, I've gotten prompt, friendly, helpful responses. Coming from an IT background, I can tell you that such support is very rare. Early this year, I called on the Friday of a holiday weekend and left a message saying that we could tough out our problem until the following Monday. I cannot tell you how surprised and pleased I was to receive a call back half an hour later! That following busy, busy Saturday, we were up and running, no troubles. For a small business depending on the seasonal trade, that kind of responsiveness means everything, and we get it for next to nothing in annual support fees!

If you're on the fence deciding between point-of-sale systems, feel free to call me to discuss GoAntiquing! I consider Brave New Software to have been instrumental in our growth, and I'd be happy to tell you why.

Mitzi Ponce
2Cs Vendor Mall
215 South 1st St.
Saint Helens, Oregon
(503) 410-5280
 Yesterday's Antique Market
When we started our business, Yesterday's Antique Market, we spent quite a bit of time researching the internet and making phone calls to others in this same business to get ideas for our new store. One of the best decisions we made was to use GoAntiquing! Point of Sale software for our computer program. Service has been very prompt for the few times we have had questions or needed help. We find GoAntiquing! has been well worth the price and we would highly recommend this program for anyone in the antique mall or market business. Customers appreciate how well receipts are laid out, vendors love the ability to check their sales on a daily basis and the personal printout each month of all inventory sold, and we, of course, love that it takes so much of the headache out of our bookkeeping!

Dianne and Brandon Giles
Yesterday's Antique Market
Macon, Georgia
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