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 GoAntiquing! Point of Sale - Product Information

Bob Ewert, the inspiration for GoAntiquing!
GoAntiquing! Point of Sale was developed with the needs of the Antique Mall and Consignment Shop in mind. Antique malls have a unique business model - the shopkeeper is the business person who rents the retail space, pays the bills, provides security, etc., for the group of dealers that in turn pay rent and commissions to the shopkeeper.

Very few software packages can handle the complex record keeping that this sort of business model requires. GoAntiquing! Point of Sale is specifically designed to handle this and much more! When we created this program we worked closely with several owners of Antique Malls in our home town to make it fit the daily need. And we have expanded it ever since, with each new customer bring in a new and unique twist on this very exciting business!

All features of the program are available for one low price. Support is available via an embedded Support Request tool, toll-free telephone (800) 385-7911, or via Remote Support (where we can connect to your PC and assist over the internet). Your purchase entitles you free program updates of the same "major" version of the program forever.
 The Basics
  • Works on Microsoft Windows: Any PC running one of these versions of Windows: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and POSReady7 (all in both 32-bit and 64-bit editions).
  • Easy to use: A user-friendly and consistent design with an "Outlook style" group of modules on the left and the current module in the center and right.
  • Full POS capabilities: Sell items from multiple Dealers to a customer, take any form of payment, even use Split's with multiple forms on same ticket, do discounting, charge tax or not, do refunds/returns/voids.
  • Multiple PC Networking: You can run more than one licensed copy of the software in your shop with hard-wired networking. We do not recommend and we will not support wireless (WiFi) networking as a means of connecting the PC's running the software. Note: Each copy of the software is purchased and licensed separately, multiple/same-day discount pricing is available.
 People Management
  • Dealer Management: The people who sell items in your shop are Dealers or Consignors, or perhaps you refer to them as Vendors. By whatever name you use (we use "Dealer"), you can manage them with typical features of contact management; add new individuals, change contact information, set or update Commision % and Rent, and can optionally assign Booths.
  • Customer Management: Add, edit, delete Customer inforation. Import or export the customer information from other sources. Assign a customer to a sale, run reports on Customer purchase activity.
  • Reseller Management: Just as for Customers, manage Resellers, with the additional information of Reseller (tax exempt) certificate numbers and expiration dates.
  • Cashier Management: Different people who need to operate the software canbe different security levels.
  • 'People' Management: Generalized 'People' can be setup as different types of Customers, setup Sellers (people who sell you things), setup service providers, etc.
 Booth Management
  • Here's a big surprise: Booths are NOT required to be setup or associated to a Dealer in order for the software to work, in fact most shops do NOT use the Booth module!
  • Still interested? If you DO want to use Booths, for one reason or another, read on...
  • What is a Booth? Booths are the physical location in your store. Although not required to take sales, when using the Booth module you can specify a flat rental amount for the booth or you can allow the program to calculate it based on square footage and price per square foot. Booths can be linked up to Dealers and rent can be automatically summed to the Dealer.
  • Space Management: You can determine rented space vs. unrented space if you use Booths, which allows you to get a Forecasted vs. Actual rental income report.
  • Commission Management: Some people use the Booth module not so much for a specific location, but as a way to identify Consignment regions within the store that may have varying Commission rates.
  • Rent Management: Rent can either be entered directly into the Dealer module's Rent Management as a flat amount for a date range, or can be summed from the optional list of Booths linked to the Dealer.
 Additional Features
  • Cash Register module:: Your main activity will be ringing up sales on this easy to use page. You can enter sales either by manually entering all required fields or by scanning barcodes you have entered into the inventory module (Item Master).
  • Cash Drawer Management: By default at the start of the day will route you to Balance module (where you add cash). This is configurable, and options exist to start the day with a set amount or to carry forward whatever the previous day's balance was.
  • Consignment items can be easily aged by setting up a rule in the inventory module (Item Master).
  • Layways: Easily create layaways by checking the Layaway box on the Sales screen. Setup Layaway rules, manage Layaways, print delinquent Layaway form letters for customers.
  • POS Hardware: Get a professional looking receipt using a true receipt printer such as a Star Micronics, Epson, Citizen, Ithaca, and others. Connect an electronic cash drawer directly via USB or through a "daisy chained connection" to the receipt printer. You can also print barcode labels either via Avery Labels on your ink or laser printer, or by using a true Label Printer. Scan those barcodes with a barcode scanner and be amazed at the speed and accuracy of your checkout process. Some local areas require a customer facing display such as a LCD pole. All this is supported, our partner POS Guys is the place to go to get the best overall deal on hardware - they deliver fast and they support what they sell.
  • Track your Customers and what they want to buy.
  • Setup multiple Tax Categories and associate them to items in your Inventory list. Ideas of how this is useful could be cases of operating a kiosk at a regional event that might have a different tax rate then your home shop or for types of items in your shop that are taxed differently.
  • If you use the Item Masster (inventory) module, you can track it with many different reports, including ones that indicate when your stock on hand is getting low and reordering may be required.
  • Many other reports including Dealer Sales report, Tax report, Store performance report, Layaway status report, the list goes on...
  • Reseller tracking.  If you check the "Reseller" (tax exempt customer) option on the Sales screen you will be prompted at Finalization for the Reseller certificate. We store this information, so that the next time you need to sell to the same Reseller you just look them up instead of re-entering their certificate information.
  • You can setup Fees (either flat fees such as Advertising, etc., or Credit Card transactional fee) that are charged to the Dealer on their Sales report.
  • If you need to honor coupons you have issued you can enter them into the Cash Register moduile as a Description with "COUPON:" at the start of the line
  • You can make fixes, called Corrections, to previously entered Sales such as Dealer ID, Description, Date, etc.
  • If you need to fix a price for sale you have to do some combination of Void or Return transaction ... This can be a full transactional reversal, a complete removal of the sale, or a negative quantity entry.
  • On receipts you can optionally print a Quick Response Code, or QR Code, with any marketing information you like, be it a special offer or a link to your website.
  • NO LIMITS!  We do not limit number of Dealers, Booths, Customers, or anything!
 Sample Screenshots
In response to demand for more information, interested purchasers can now view videos or some sample screen shots on-line.

Cash Drawer Balance
Sales (demonstrates split payment layaway sale)
Inventory Items
 Demonstration Videos
GoAntiquing! Extended Demo Part 1 of 3 GoAntiquing! Extended Demo Part 2 of 3 GoAntiquing! Extended Demo Part 3 of 3 GoAntiquing! Gift Certificate Demo