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GoAntiquing! POS - Product Information

GoAntiquing! Point of Sale

The best way to start is to download and try it!  Free 30-day trial period. Or, look a little farther down the page and check out the guided tour of taking a sale.

Quick Summary

A point-of-sale application developed with the needs of the antique mall in mind. Antique malls have a unique business model - the shopkeeper is the business person who rents the retail space, pays the bills, provides security, etc., for the group of dealers that in turn pay rent and commissions to the shopkeeper.

Very few software packages can handle the complex record keeping that this sort of relationship requires.  GoAntiquing! Point of Sale is specifically designed for this business model! When we created this program we worked closely with several antique shopkeepers in our home town to make it fit the daily need.

GoAntiquing! Point of Sale has features built in to handle layaway purchases, consignment sales, commissions, discounts, inventory tracking, bar-code scanning ... and more! The software works with a standard personal computer running "32-bit" Microsoft Windows (98/ME/2000/XP/Vista). Speed up the check-out process with a receipt printer, an electronic cash drawer, and barcode scanner. For your convenience the program comes bundled with various reports that you would expect, such as the ability to run dealer reports by date range, tax summaries, layaway reports, and a special report that outputs a simple column/row report of daily sales by type (cash, credit, check) which can be imported into your general ledger software.

Key Feature List

  • Works on Microsoft Windows PC's running these versions of Windows: 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista.
  • Easy to use design with an "Outlook style" group of modules on the left and the current module in the center and right.
  • Cash drawer management; at the start of the day will route you to Balance module (where you add cash).
  • Click on Sales and the Cash Register module opens.
  • Enter sales either by manually entering all required fields (Dealer, Booth, Item, Quantity, Description, Price, Discount) or by scanning barcodes you have entered into the inventory module (Item Master).
  • Consignment items can be easily aged by setting up a rule in the inventory module (Item Master).
  • Easily create layaways by checking the Layaway box on the Sales screen..
  • Setup Layaway rules, manage Layaways, print delinquent Layaway form letters for customers.
  • Connect a Star or Epson receipt printer.
  • Connect electronic cash drawer directly or through the receipt printer.
  • Manage Dealers, Booths, and Rent.  Rent can either be entered directly as a flat rate or can be summed from the list of Booths linked to the Dealer.
  • Booths are the physical location in your store, using the Booths module you can specify a flat rental amount for the booth or you can allow the program to calculate it based on square footage and price per square foot.  Remember Booths can be linked up to Dealers and rent can be automatically summed to the Dealer.
  • Track your Customers and what they want to buy.
  • Setup multiple Tax Categories and associate them to items in your Inventory list.
  • Create special Orders and print quotes for customers.  Quickly fulfill these orders with a few clicks on the Orders module.
  • Track your inventory with the Reorder report.
  • Many other reports including Dealer Sales report, Tax report, Store performance report, Layaway status report, the list goes on...
  • Reseller tracking.  If you check the "Reseller" option on the Sales screen you will be prompted at Finalization for the Reseller certificate.  We store this information, and in California we verify the number over the internet!
  • You can setup Fees that are charged to the Dealer on their Sales report.
  • NO LIMITS!  We do not limit number of Dealers, Booths, Customers, or anything!

All features of the program are available for one low price.  Support is available via email and telephone.  Your purchase entitles you free program updates of the same "major" version of the program forever.

In response to demand for more information, interested purchasers can now view sample screen shots on-line.